weekatie & weejordan

Wee Creatures

Katie & Jordan each work in the design world in Atlanta, Ga.  They are friends, neighbors, and (new) moms.  Katie recently welcomed baby Liam into the world and Jordan’s daughter, Elem, is enjoying entering the toddler world.  They both come from art & design backgrounds, with Katie holding an Industrial Design degree from Georgia Tech and Jordan having a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (with a focus on Printmaking & Painting) from the University of Alabama.  They have worked in the design field collectively for over 15 years and their experience includes everything from working at high-end design firms to doing installation art at Anthropologie.

These girls have a passion for design and believe that having kids opens a whole new world of fun and whimsical decor!  {Plus, tiny things are just plain cute!}  

Wee Creatures is a place where we’ll talk about all things kid…d.i.y.’s, room tours, product reviews, budget-friendly decor, kid fashion, and more!

Curated collections for your littles…


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