Meet Wee Liam

I guess I should explain why things have been quiet on my side of the blog for a while… I had a baby! As I try and type this little man is grunting at me to feed him and thus, I must do it now or suffer the consequences of some pretty extreme screaming.

Phew. I’m back. On January 13, 2014 at 11:38pm we welcomed our first son into this world. William Alexander Bruckner or “Liam” as we will call him arrived weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 20 3/4 ” long. It was a long and tough delivery but I’ll spare the details and just say that even though neither of my two epidurals worked, we are still really glad he is here and are enjoying every moment with him (even party-pants at 3am).

Life with a newborn has been quite eye-opening, both literally and figuratively. We are now 5 weeks in and I can say that it does get easier and things feel more normal or as Ben says “the new normal.” We are getting out of the house more and seeing friends that we have neglected this past month. Those first weeks seem like a blur of not sleeping, crying (from everyone), family, milk, confusion, and casseroles. Tonight we are actually cooking dinner (salads count right?) and going to bed at 9:00 to try and squeeze 8 hours of combined sleep before 7am.

As far as Liam goes, he doesn’t really have much style yet, but I think he enjoys colorful socks, festive pajamas, not hats, and roomy pants. We have to wait and see with this whole red hair thing, it looks red sometimes, and not others, so I might need to coach him on what his “colors” are.

In the coming weeks while I’m on maternity leave I’ll be posting about the nursery, his first toys and how to deal with the onslaught of baby stuff in your kitchen.

Anywho, here are the pictures!

Our New Family

Our New Family

What curly hair looks like after 30 hours of being at the hospital

What curly hair looks like after 30 hours of being at the hospital

Our sweet boy

Our sweet boy


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